Little Acts of Grace, Volume 2

Little Acts of Grace, Volume 2

Every little act of goodness and grace helps you grow to be a better person and a better friend. But most of all, they let Jesus know just how much you love Him.

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Knowing God comes from having a relationship with God.

Guide the young children in your life to grow in their relationship with Jesus by understanding that He is their Best Friend.

  • He's the one who knows you better than anyone else.
  • He's the one who is always there, in good times and bad.
  • He's the one who will help you become the best person you can be.
  • He's the one who laid down His life for you.
  • There's no end to the love that Jesus has for you. And all He wants is for you is to love Him back, and to love your family, friends, and neighbors. You can show your love to Jesus in many little ways:

    • By thanking God for the world He made
    • By always telling the truth, even when it is hard
    • By doing lots of little things that mean a lot
Additional Information
Isbn / Product Code 9781592767953
Dimensions 20.5 x 13 cms
Printed Pages 48
Format Paperback
Year Of Publication 2010
Publisher Our Sunday Visitor
Author Rosemarie Gortler & Donna Piscitelli
Product Code 100419
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