Jerome Gratian

Jerome Gratian

St Teresa of Avila's Friend

Carlos Ros (Translated by John McGowan OCD)

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Jerome Gratian has been the great unknown figure in the Reform undertaken by Teresa of Avila. Historically, the outstanding figure of John of the Cross has, rightly and justifiably, been associated with Teresa. However, it may surprise many to know that she dealt more with Jerome Gratian and that her relationship with him was much closer. It was Gratian, rather than John, who fully understood Teresa and the Reform she was undertaking. She depended on him. She made a vow of obedience to him. He was the man for whom she had been looking.

This may come across as somewhat fanciful but it is true,’ says Carlos Ros, the author of this biography. ‘It is my hope that as you read through these pages it will become clear. In it I describe someone who, more than forgotten, was humiliated and slandered.’

When Teresa met Gratian, the effect in her was like an arrow in her heart. In the Spiritual Testimonies 36, she speaks of this friendship and how, in a sudden vision, she saw Christ as a ‘matchmaker’: ‘The Lord took our right hands and joined them and told me He desired that I take this master to represent Him as long as I live, and that we both agree to everything.’ Teresa decribed her new friend to the General of the Carmelite Order, Rossi: ‘He is like an angel.’ Gratian once gently reprimanded Teresa for showing too much affection; her response is well known: ‘Do you not know that no matter how perfect a soul may be it still needs an outlet.’

Carlos Ros lives in Seville, Spain, a great friend of the Carmelite nuns in that city. He has written over thirty books about famous historical characters from his region. Besides this book on St Teresa of Avila, he has also has written a biography about Sr Mary of St Joseph OCD., Teresa’s great disciple.

Fr John McGowan was born in London in 1950. He entered the Discalced Carmelite Order in 1975 and was ordained in 1982. In 1985 he obtained a Licentiate in Spirituality from the OCD Carmelite Pontifical College in Rome. At present he works at ODC Carmelite retreat centre, in Preston, England.


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