Biblia Sacra - Vulgatae Editionis - Vulgate Latin Bible

Biblia Sacra - Vulgatae Editionis - Vulgate Latin Bible

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The Vulgate is a late fourth-century Latin translation of the Bible that became, during the 16th century, the Catholic Church's officially promulgated Latin version of the Bible.

The translation was largely the work of St. Jerome, who, in 382, was commissioned by Pope Damasus I to revise the Vetus Latina ("Old Latin") collection of Biblical texts in Latin then in use by the Church. Once published, it was widely adopted and eventually eclipsed the Vetus Latina and, by the 13th century, was known as the "versio vulgata" (the "version commonly-used") or, more simply, in Latin as vulgata or in Greek as βουλγάτα ("Vulgate").

It was made the Catholic Church's official Latin Bible as a consequence of the Council of Trent (1545–63).

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